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Cajonos Collection
Jewelry made with Zapotec love


ISHI brings ancestral craftsmanship into our contemporary culture. We express the cultural and spiritual richness of Mexico through our jewelry. We are based in Mexico City and collaborate with various artisans including indigenous communities nationwide, such as the Zapotec from Oaxaca and the Huichol in the northwest. 

We love the japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, which honours the beauty of things imperfect.  Our pieces are hand made with natural materials, the result is an array of unique pieces that carry the good vibes of the people that make them and the energy of the materials we use. Our goal is to create beautiful accessories that enrich our customers’ lives as well as to promote the professional and creative development of our artisans.

Nothing is perfect, nothing is broken or needs repair, it is what it is, unique and thus beautiful.


Wabi Sabi philosophy



Ishi has developed four main collections over the past twenty years of a creative life that we proudly present to you 



ISHI works hard towards becoming a low-impact jewelry maker:

We use recycled silver from photographs and x-rays as well post-consumer gold. 

We source our packaging from artisans in Oaxaca that weave them with natural fibers and no pigments. 

We used certified by-product leather, processed with the highest standards of environmental responsibilty (ISO 9001)

We also use hand-made silk dyed with natural pigments such as indigo and cochineal from artisans in the state of Oaxaca. 



Check out the videos we have prepared for you to discover how Ishi's collections are manufactured!

Classic collection

Wabi collection

Cajonos collection


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Newton 186 - 404

Polanco, México City, 11560

Tel. +52 55 6550 2059

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Av. Presidente Masaryk 310

 Polanco, Mexico City, 11560

Tel. +52 55 2520 5958

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